The emotions tell the story.
The camera brings it to life.

Lebanon | Beirut Blast

A few weeks back the city of Beirut in Lebanon experienced a massive explosion in the heart of the city. The explosion blasted out windows and tore down buildings for blocks. Many are left wounded, 100’s of innocent lives were lost and over 300,000 people are displaced from their homes.

Palu | Earthquake Indonesia

On September 28th, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Palu in Indonesia, followed by an 18-foot tsunami that caused massive destruction to the whole island. This left 2,000 casualties, with 5,000 still missing and presumed dead. The official search for the lost has been called off and little to no help is offered by the government.

Gold Plated | Mikhail Mironov

It began with having access to the Red Dragon camera for an extra day. The concept was still being discussed meanwhile Mikhail Mironov took the next flight from Portland to Sacramento. We all started looking for homes on airbnb with a victorian feel. The day prior to our shoot and we found a home but it was unavailable. After some begging and a few extra hundred dollars he was able to squeeze us in a six hour window. With little time for setup we decided we would use natural light and stick with the zacuto shoulder rig as well as a glidecam for speed.

Faith Alive | Christian Isichel

Christian Ogoegbunem Isichei is Founder and Coordinator of Faith Alive Foundation-Nigeria in Jos, Nigeria.

Moonlight | Sony A7s

Our goal was to set out and shoot a short film that was lit entirely by moonlight. We waited for the moon to become full and on the night of September 8th we set out to explore the coast in California and see what we could find.

BlackBrain | We Are Created To Create

BLACK BRAIN is a pop-noir artist disrupting beauty and thought. He whips ink like Dexter does blood. His gifted, art psyche develops stories that bring color to the mundane, dialogue to the mute and personality to the dull. His work is a voice for the transitional generation.

Reggie | San Francisco Giants

Reggie and I have known each other for over 2 years now. During this time we've grown closer. We've become friends, and to my astonishment, he seems to like hanging out with me. What's not surprising, given Reggie's infectious personality and humble attitude, is that I really enjoy spending time with him. Learning about his life has been a humbling experience.

The Ludwig Family | AdoptTogether

The Ludwig's adopted 2 children from Uganda. Upon arrival, they had the chance to meet their siblings and father and decided to support the family in Uganda by helping with their education and living expenses. Believing that family is everything, they hope their friendship will continue to grow and redefine family. With the help of the Ludwigs fundraised $50K to help bring their children home.

Haiti | Generosity Water

The lack of clean water and sanitation causes 80% of all sickness and disease in the developing world - affecting more people than war, AIDS, and famine combined. This is just one story of how water changed  Elima's life.