“The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.”
– Cesare Pavese

Elopements are our favorite weddings. Our style of filmmaking thrives in intimate moments and fine details, it allows us to get to into the story at a much deeper level. They allow the story to flow and become organic which we believe translates beautifully to film.

Austin & Cassie

As the sun was setting the colors began to look pastel like. Austin and Cassie stood tall with the simplest backdrop of the ocean and skies. Dusk is one of our favorite times of the day because of the soft light and those pure pastel colors.

Patrick & Aiemee

Patrick & Aimee were an absolute pleasure to be around. They trusted us with a completely new and upgraded camera system. We decided to maximize our cameras capabilities and decided to shoot the entire elopement in a 4K Raw format. We loved it so much that every wedding and elopement afterwards was going to be filmed in this format.

Our Process.

Package Selection

Elopement packages begin with just one cinematographer going up to two. This way we can keep the team small within an intimate environment. Coverage begins at 4 hours but additional time can be added. Once you know what you have in mind or have any questions, send us an email to contact@luxfilms.com. The elopement date is reserved as soon as a 25% deposit is made and contract signed. An invoice is sent immediately after the signing of the contract. After that you are all set!


We love to always stay connected and we realize that plans can change. We are never burdened by any last minute request or visions you may have the day of.  It is our mission to make sure we know your vision that way it’s a film you will fall in love with and can’t stop watching. At the same time we are there to give you as much advice as you need in order to make your film beautiful.

The Elopement

Unlike a wedding, elopements are free of tight schedules and entire orchestras of people. We go where the story takes us, capturing the true essence of the day. We take pride in the way we shoot offering the highest quality 4K RAW format. This allows us to get the best color and exposure to fine tune things to perfection.


Following your elopement, we get to work, backing up all the footage, sorting the footage and taking notes on the events of the day, toasts, vows, etc. We like to get ahead and produce your film as soon as possible. It may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive your film. Just as much as the day of elopement we would love for you to be involved in our post production process. We will always send you the film for review before making it public that way you can have the final look at any changes you’d like to see made. Once it’s ready and approved we will setup a personal page for you with the highest quality download links as well as a personal page you can share to others.

Contact Us.

Write us an e-mail via the form in our contact page, give us a call, or just send us an e-mail directly at contact@luxfilms.com