Lebanon | Beirut Blast

A few weeks back the city of Beirut in Lebanon experienced a massive explosion in the heart of the city. The explosion blasted out windows and tore down buildings for blocks. Many are left wounded, 100’s of innocent lives were lost and over 300,000 people are displaced from their homes.

We have been coming to Lebanon and building friendships for many years. So we knew we had to go and bring back the stories.

We spent 3 days witnessing the aftermath of the explosion along with the protests which demanded the local government to step down.

Lebanon has been through so much in the last several years. From the Syrian refugee crisis to corruption, and now, lives lost due to government negligence. Every time we witness the resilience of the people and we want to be a part of the change and restoration.

We are partnering with our local friends to help rebuild at least some of what was destroyed. Our efforts will focus on those who cannot help themselves. Join us in helping this beautiful city heal.
Link to donate https://give.goproject.org/give

Thank you to Sasha Leahovcenco for spearheading this project.
Special thank you to Jay Denton.

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