“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
-Cesare Pavese

We believe that emotion is a vital ingredient when conveying a story through film. The human connection can be an extraordinary thing and no amount of money can replace the feelings that are on display on your wedding day. We feed on these moments, and with the help of our creative passion, we’re able to display the results in our films.

We sincerely hope that you see a version of your wedding day when you watch our films. It makes for a great experience when you finally find the perfect team you envision capturing your wedding day. You can scroll down to see previous work we’ve done. Visit our Vimeo for the most updated feed and feel free to ask any questions by emailing us.

RAW format

At up to 10X higher quality then standard 4K using a RAW video format allows for fine tuning color and exposure during post production. It will give you flexibility now and years down the road.

High Quality Audio

We think having good audio is more important than video. That’s why we use industry professional audio equipment including Sanken and DPA Lavaliers as well as Zaxcom and Roland recording Devices. We also use back up systems to ensure you have the best audio while watching your film.

4K Resolution

Every wedding we film is shot in 4K. Paired with RAW this gives your film the ability to stand the test of time for decades to come.

Data Management

For your peace as well as ours we take extra steps to ensure your wedding film is safe and backed up. As soon as your wedding day ends we begin making a duplicate copy and making sure to separate that copy in another location.

Recent Films

Matthew & Kristine | Four Words

While editing this film we couldn’t help but regularly smile. Mathew and Kristine’s wedding is filled with so much authentic moments. We hope that this fun and emotional film brings you that same reaction.

Qingyi & Yi Film | In the Details

So many beautiful moments with Qingyi and Yi and both families. The environment was perfect with a gorgeous victorian home. We loved capturing all the small details through out the day.

Svetlana & Mikhael | Holy Virgin Cathedral San Francisco

Our first Russian Orthodox Wedding. Svetlana & Mikhael went all out for their wedding day. A mixture of a Traditional Ceremony with a very musical reception.

Dustin & Jourdan | From This Day Forward

A beautiful and intimate wedding in Columbia Gorge, Oregon overlooking Mt. Hood. Dustin & Jourdan were so fun and simple, we just turned on our cameras and positioned them in the right direction and they did the rest. The conditions on the day were just right including a beautiful haze that gave the backdrop so much depth and made it feel surreal.

Peter & Christina | A Life Together

A beautiful mix of cultures has made this wedding emotional. As we watched the wedding story go by behind our lenses, it became evident that we would need beautiful and powerful music to elevate this story.

Rhett & Riana | Blessed

American fashion model Raina Hein and professional NFL player Rhett Ellison get married in the most romantic and dreamy venue in California! It’ll be hard not to shed a tear listening to their vows!

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